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Olympus digital camera

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Nachwuchs in Biebesheim

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caryopteris cladonensis

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ccaryopteris cladonensis 2

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Ich liebe diese Sonnenuntergänge, wenn das Licht die Berge der Alpen in hartes Licht taucht, und man Schicht für Schicht die Berge betrachten kann. Es ist fast unmöglich hier entfernungen korrekt abzuschätzen, die Fernsicht betrug an diesem Tag aber geschätzt 150km.

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Grey Heron

This is a wider perspective of an earlier upload. The shot was clicked at a local pond called Chirakkal Chira, at the start of the summer a few years back when water-lilies had overrun the place. The bird remained motionless for many minutes waiting for prey giving me a chance to get some good shots even though it was quite a distance from where I sat on the stone bank bordering the pond. Prey for the bird consists of fish, amphibians, small mammals, and insects but could also include juvenile birds such as ducklings.

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Katholische Kirche St. Josef (Düsseldorf-Rath)

This time a real IR photo with a full spectrum mirrorless. DSLR seems too big for me now and I truly do not miss them.

The filter used was a Neewer 720nm that I got for 2€ :)

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Der Faule Frosch

Nikon D700
Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300mm / 4.5-5.6G
Verschlusszeit weiß ich leider nicht

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The Garden

Shot with a Sony A7R and the beautiful vintage German Lens, Porst Tele f1.8 135mm (M42 Mount)

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Deutsche Leichtathletik-Hallenmeisterschaften; Leipzig, 17.02.2019

Staffelübergabe an Daniel Hoffmann (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Deutsche Leichtathletik-Hallenmeisterschaften am 17.02.2019 in der Arena Leipzig, Leipzig (Sachsen). Foto: BEAUTIFUL SPORTS/Bernd Hoffmann.

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비밀 대마거래 셀럽들도 찾는 demakorea

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Action in the deep shadow

Nurnberg zoo

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Tatjana Pinto (LC Paderborn); Deutsche Leichtathletik-Meisterschaften am 03.08.2019 im Olympiastadion Berlin (Berlin).

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Holunder in Bewegung.jpg

Sambucus Nigra

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Blick auf Ober Mörlen